Being a party host


What are the benefits of being the host?

When you have a minimum of 5 guests at your Ladies Spa Party,

You the host(ess) will receive a 50% off your own service(s).

Please note:

$25 set up & take down fee

travel fee may apply


What do I need to have a Spa Party?

Please have a space available, living/rec room is good. Or outside if covered area and not to hot.

A space with lots of seating and open space is best.

Your guests can sit on your couch/chairs, as we do the manicures and pedicures.

We also put vinyl mats down to protect your flooring. 

We supply everything we need (tools, towels, chairs, lamps, tables, polish, etc).

Foot baths have liners, a new nail file is used for each person.

All tools are disinfected with Hospital Grade Disinfectant.

We are inspected by Public Health Annually.

All we need from you is running water (bathroom, kitchen or laundry room).


How do I book a Spa Party?

When you contact us, have a date in mind, I will hold the date for 48 hours while you make final arrangements, such as time & guest list.

Remember, weekends are our busy "party" time! So book in advance to get the date you desire!!

I booked a party. Now what?

Once the party is booked a final guest list with requested services must be given no later than a week before the booked date.


Please let us know of any changes in services or guest list.

We will arrive 20-30 mins prior to the first appointment time to set up our equipment.


**Please make sure we have a parking space in either your driveway or directly in front of your house as we have many supplies & equipment to bring in.


What sort of payment is accepted and what is the cancellation policy?

We accept cash, cheques, debit, credit cards & e-transfer the when the party is done.


There is a $50 deposit required for all parties, put towards party balance, due when

party is booked.

Travel fee will apply

Gratuities are not included in the prices and are only acceptable if you feel happy with your services & experience.

If you feel your experience was unsatisfactory, please let us know before we leave   and we'll do everything possible to correct it.

All prices are subject to change without notice! 


Wayspa gift certificates are accepted

If you are forced to reschedule your party due to unforeseen circumstances, Diana's Divine Escape will offer you an alternate date.

If however you must cancel your party altogether, your deposit is  non-refundable, except in instances where you are providing more  than 3 weeks notice of cancellation.


​In cases of severe weather conditions or illness, "Diana's Divine Escape" reserves the right to reschedule your party to a date that is convenient for all parties. If this is not possible "Diana's Divine Escape" will refund your deposit.



please be respectful & drink alcohol in moderation while we are there.


If alcohol consumption interferes with us doing our services, properly & on time, Please know that should we decide to leave, full payment is still required.


Misconduct, such as suggestive comments or solicitation will not be tolerated!


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