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We are open for mobile nail and foot care.

diana's divine escape senior mobile nail care is now open

this service is only for seniors & those ill or immobile & those who cannot do their own nail care.

no exceptions will apply for your protection and ours.

we will provide our services in clients private homes or apartments.

no retirement, nursing, long term care or hospitals for now.

if you would like to book an appointment:

all clients are required to read and fillout out the client information & covid-19

all new policies, prices and services are in the form.

Unfortunately, Diana's divine escape Hair  Salon & Spa at Freeport hospital is still temporarily closed.

tools are cleaned there but not open for business.

Services available are:

Pedicure - $55 

Includes toenail cutting and filing, callus and cuticle care, lavender oil treatment, foot and lower leg massage and polish.\

advanced Pedicure - $65

This is for Clients with long, overgrown nails, neglected feet, thick nails, minor ingrown nails, corns, severe callus and peeling skin. Includes nail cutting, filing (electric file may be used), cuticle clean up, clean in between toes, under the nails, callus and corn care, cream application.   

If needed a follow up appointment may be required.

Basic Toenail Cutting - $40

Includes toenail cutting & filing, cleaning under nails, oil treatment & massage. This service is for Clients without any nail or foot issues. No polish.

Foot Care Nurse - $55

This service is for Diabetics, Clients with fungus, painful or infected ingrown nails, neglected feet, overgrown nails. Receipt can be issued for insurance. If required a follow up appointment may be required.

Manicure - $30

Includes fingernail cutting & filing, cuticle care, lavender oil treatment, hand & arm massage.

Finish with the polish of your choice. 

Fingernail Cutting & Filing - $20 – also includes cleaning under nails & oil treatment. 

Add Fingernail Cut to a Foot service for $15.

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