Hand & Foot Treatments

Manicure - $30

Nail cutting & filing, cuticle care, nourishing oil treatment, gentle hand & arm massage & finish with your choice of polish, clear coat or you can go natural.


Fingernail Cutting/filing & massage - $18

Includes nail cutting & filing to smooth edges & massage.

Toenail Cutting Only - $35(No nail issues)

Toenail cutting & filing & cream application.


Divine Pedicure - $50 

Includes a warm & soothing Lavender Tea foot soak, toenail cutting & filing, cuticle  & callus care. Finish with a relaxing foot and lower leg massage & your choice of polish colour, clear coat or all natural.

(If Clients are in bed we cannot do the foot soak) 

Advanced Foot Care Pedicure  - $60

This is for Clients with Minor foot & nail issues.

Includes overgrown nails, thick yellow nails, non severe ingrown nails, corns & extreme callus. This is also for Clients who haven't had any foot care or pedicures in a while.

Includes warm Lavender Tea foot soak, toenail cutting & filing, treatment of corns and callus, cuticle clean up & gentle cream application. Polish is optional.

Foot Care Nurse Service - $50 & up 

For Clients who are Diabetic & have fungus or other foot or nail issues.

Receipt will be issued for insurance.

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