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Diana Strickland is the proud owner of Diana's Divine Escape, Mobile Spa

& Newly opened Hair Salon & spa location at freeport hospital in kitchener.

we are excited to be the only company around that specializes and has many years of experience working with Seniors, those who are ill or immobile, have had surgery, are in palliative or hospice care, those with cancer, ms, als, parkinson's, dementia and other mental health issues.


this is our passion & we are blessed to be able to provide these services to our amazing Clients, who may not otherwise be able to have this done.


Diana graduated at the top of her class in 1998 from Gina's college of Aesthetics.


she has been a self employed Aesthetician since 1999.


diana rented spaces in hair salons for many years and then took a few years off.


In january 2010, diana's divine escape, Mobile Spa was opened.


Diana & her team are excited to be able to bring "The Spa Experience" to their clients.

March 2019 spa at freeport hospital in kitchener was opened. We just opened the hair salon at freeport in February 2020.

Diana's passion has always been to provide her spa services to clients who would not normally be able to enjoy these wonderful services. 

Diana started providing bedside services at Freeport hospital in 2018.

She is there within the agreement of Grand River Hospital.

She loves the freeport hospital patients, staff and the community and decided to open a spa & hair salon location, to provide not only for the Patients, but staff and the public as well. 

she is very proud of the amazing service that her and her team provide.



Diana's awards and nominations.

Women Of The Year 2021 Nominee
Small Business Of The Year 2022 Nominee
Readers Choice Award Winner Best Foot Care Specialist 2022
Letter from Mayor
Readers Choice Award Winner Best Foot Care Specialist
Readers Choice Award Winner Best Foot Care Clinic & Best Seniors Services
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